西峡 仲景养生文化小镇文旅地产景观设计

项目地:西陕 总面积:170.46 亩Project Location: Xishan, ChinaTotal Area: 170.46 Mu围绕仲景中医养生文化,融合伏牛本草元素,从形态、景观、 体验、游乐、美食、住宿等方面,体现仲景中医养生 文化 特色及西峡独有的伏牛本草特质,打造文化特色鲜明、旅游 休闲...


项目地:西陕  总面积:170.46 亩

Project Location: Xishan, China

Total Area: 170.46 Mu

围绕仲景中医养生文化,融合伏牛本草元素,从形态、景观、  体验、游乐、美食、住宿等方面,体现仲景中医养生 文化  特色及西峡独有的伏牛本草特质,打造文化特色鲜明、旅游  休闲度假体验独特的集吃、住、行、游、购、娱、禅、 养  功能为一体的综合性养生文化特色旅游区,区域性休闲、度  假旅游目的地。

This water town will be an international recreation commercial  district, including theme restaurant streets, intangible food  streets, resort hotel, large-scale indoor amusement park, giant-  screen cinema, theme commercial streets, famous shopping mall  etc.

Meanwhile, the town will bring in 120m sightseeing tower which  will be the highest in China.

Also will combine with China Dinosaur Park to expand the  cheerful atmosphere to outside.

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